Weekend Lunch at REVEL


Fremont Seattle

WooHoo!! Another joint crossed off my “Hit List”!

I must say that today was a beautiful day to spend with my sister and enjoy some good Seattle Eats!

As some may know “Revel” was featured on the Cooking Channels Unique Eats a year ago. I was watching this particular episode while still residing in Guam and at that moment it was automatically saved to my list which by the way continues to grow.

Love the ambience! Beautiful open space with a bit of a homie feeling. Also loved that you can see the food being prepared.

As we were trying to decide what we wanted to devour my sister wanted some sort of veggies which wasn’t on the menu and our awesome server was able to accommodate her request. THANK YOU kind gentleman!!

Dishes ordered:
• Pork katsu served w/ a scallion biscuit and bulldog gravy
• Dandan noodles, smoked chili, eggplant, thai basil & peanuts
• Bacon pickled pear asian donuts w/ condensed milk glaze

The food was delicious and we would definitely go back to try more dishes! Bacon donuts are DELISH! A must try for sure!

Happy Day/Evening to All! Oh yes and Happy National Camera Day!



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