Food Photography and Prop Styling Workshop

Food Photography and Prop Styling Workshop with Annette Joseph, Photostylist/Producer, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Photographer and hosted by Cassandra Lavalle of CoCo + Kelley

The weekend of March 22nd I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Food Photography and Styling Workshop in Seattle.  It was also a wonderful and thoughtful birthday present from my baby sister.  If you’re reading this sister…THANK YOU!

I learned the importance of composition, moving items ever so slightly makes a huge difference on how your image appears on camera.  Being a stylist means collecting all things that inspire you and make you happy.  You learn as I have everything you look at can strike an idea, a thought that you make come to life. Also a wonderful opportunity to tell your story with your idea, creation and through your camera capture that perfect image.

All in all it was a day full of great information and lots of fun!  Did you know that playing with your food is FUN? 🙂  Also taking pictures there after is even better.  I loved every minute of the workshop truly one of the best days ever for me!  A BIG THANK YOU to the lovely ladies that flew all the way from Atlanta to conduct the workshop and Cassandra Lavalle of CoCo+Kelley for hosting.  You are an inspiration!

Check out Annette Joseph for her next scheduled workshop in Atlanta on June 7, 2014 and Coco+Kelley (Seattle) for future workshops!



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