A Little Bit of Home…

Chamorro Style BBQ Short Ribs

Chamorro Style BBQ Short Ribs

Chamorro BBQ Short Ribs, Chamorro Red Rice and Finadeni

Chamorro BBQ Short Ribs, Chamorro Red Rice and Finadeni

The bro-in-law got a new grill so we just had to break it in!  Oh YES! It was a good day for some Chamorro BBQ!  At times when craving for some of the local food from home (Guam) I’m grateful that my parents taught my sister and I how to cook some of the dishes. On this particular we were craving some of the infamous Guam Style BBQ aka Chamorro BBQ, normally it would be a fiesta style with the works but we kept it simple with bbq short ribs and a MUST at every fiesta/party…Chamorro Red Rice.  This is definitely our type of comfort food. Oh and can’t forget the finadeni (a type of sauce that is soy based, along with vinegar or fresh lemon juice, diced onions and local red hot pepper).

As I sat there eating my plate of yummy food I couldn’t help but think about my family and friends…every time we had a bbq it wasn’t always for a special occasion sometimes it was just because we felt like it.  It was always a good time…great memories full of laughter, smiles and LOTS of FOOD!

Anyway no recipe this time just pics of food as usual and a pic of Koa keeping a watchful eye on the bbq. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Home…

  1. Oh yeah! Now I’m really missing and wanting Chamorro food. Nothing like that BBQ with red rice. And kelaguen. I went to Chamoale Pino, a Chamorro/Filipino restaurant, and while I was satisfied with the food, and the owners were really nice, the health department wouldn’t allow them to make kelaguen with coconut. Still good without it, but just not the same. Their empanadas were crispier than mine.

  2. I just came across your Twitter profile and blog thanks to a Seattle travel blogger friend. So, I just wanted to come by and say Hafa adai. Now, I suddenly feel like BBQing tomorrow. Great photos and it does make me miss all those fiestas in Guam growing up. Definitely comfort food! I’m lucky enough to have a Chamorro restaurant down the street from my house in San Diego to satisfy the cravings 🙂

    • Hafa Adai! Si Yu’os Ma’ase! 🙂 Wow! You’re definitely lucky! When we start getting mahalang and get that crave for chamorro food we make our own. Thank goodness we learned from my parents! LOL! Have a wonderful week!

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