IFBC 2014 in Seattle

Well last weekend I attended my very first food bloggers conference which was quite eventful and I must say sheds a light in a whole new way…A Food Bloggers World!

Friday evening started out with picking up our badges and then these awesome aprons that were personalized with each of our blog names by Aneto.  Such a nice surprise and I think made each blogger feel just a little bit special.


Next we walked into a ballroom greeted by tables of delicious salmon served 4 different ways by Bristol Bay that left me going back for seconds. Though I truly do appreciate all the delicious sweet treats by Cupcake Royale and My Cakes, I really wished there was a few more savory options to nosh on. Then again that’s just my humble opinion. 🙂 On to the gift suite we went which was actually really cool since I’ve never been to one. YAY for gifts!! I appreciated all the little and big things that each blogger received.

IMG_6784 IMG_6781

IMG_6815 IMG_6923 Swag

Saturday morning started with a quick breakfast hosted by Noosa Yoghurt. I say quick because I arrived at 8:30am barely sat for more than 20 minutes until we were pretty much rushed out into the next room.  Totally my bad because I tried to get there sooner!  Despite that Noosa’s pumpkin yogurt parfait was so yummy and definitely a must try! A BIG THANKS to my fellow bloggers for sharing this morning treat with me (because they ran out)!! You know who you are! Oh and if you LOVE pumpkin this special yoghurt is exclusively sold at Target so GO GET SOME!

I won’t go into too much detail about all the sessions but I did enjoy a few. The first was keynote speakers Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, authors of The Flavor Bible which reminds me I NEED TO PURCHASE one ASAP! Enjoyed their stories they shared with us and I appreciated their words of encouragement.

Second was with Todd Coleman, Photographer and Creative Director of Tasting Table and Co-Founder of Delicious Contents, despite some of his ethics as a photographer, which I didn’t agree with a particular one, I did however enjoy viewing his style of work.

The third and my favorite was Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food, who conducted a writing session “So, How Did It Taste?” She was so lively and full of personality and involved everyone in the room. I laughed out loud as she started out with asking a question…“Adjectives are the crack of food writing”! Why is that? Loved that she took the time to share examples of food writing by other authors. Made you think about your personal writing technique. Thanks to fellow bloggers for standing up and sharing your witty descriptions of the meal they had or didn’t have that day!


So by the end of the day I was very grateful to have met fellow bloggers and make a few friends. I do wish that we had more down time between sessions to mingle and chat with everyone. But all in all it was a good experience for my first food blogger conference.


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