IFBC A Few Bites of Gourmet…

Ok what’s more fun than eating gourmet samples?! I know, I know there is more to life than just eating but hey who doesn’t enjoy a good sample of gourmet treats right!  Things just get a little more exciting when you’ve had a few bites to eat especially when you’ve had a full day of sessions and realize you are extremely hungry.  I must say they were quite delicious.  So I am gladly sharing a few samples of food I tasted at IFBC – A Taste of Seattle & Gourmet Fair.

The ballroom was quite a frenzy, full of bloggers and hungry mouths, tables of food samples by different restaurants and vendors so much fun!!  By the end of the evening I was quite exhausted so once I had my fill and hung out with a few fellow bloggers I called it a night and headed home.  At that moment I wished I lived right in the heart of Seattle…sigh. LOL!!

From left to right: Wagyu Beef Short Rib and Gourmet Popcorn by Millers Guild,
Tofu and Beet Salad with Peanut Dust, 
Thai Style Fried Chicken w/ Kimchee Waffle and 5 Spice Maple Syrup and Sushi with Tofu, Asparagas and Beets by Kaisho (located on Capital Hill)

The Wagyu beef was so tender, delicious and flavorful that I actually went back for seconds!  As I was eating I kept thinking to myself…I need RICE!!  Haha that’s the island girl in me!   Well I definitely got my rice with the sushi which to my surprise was yummy, the vibrant ruby color caught me off guard at first but trust me it was delicious.  Can’t forget the Thai Fried Chicken and Kimchee Waffle!!  I’m such a BIG fan of savory and sweet combinations and most of all LOVE WAFFLES so this totally hit the spot for me!  I’m definitely going to check them out to get a FULL order of this item for dine-in and take-out for later of course! 🙂

Good times at IFBC!

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