Get Yourself Some Mae James!

SBU Meetup: October 24, 2014 at Mae James for Brew School and Waffle Brekky!
It’s a happy day when I get an opportunity to attend these great meet-ups, it’s always a fun time with my fellow bloggers and our hosts.

Thanks to the wonderful Jessie for teaching us proper brewing techniques for that perfect cup of coffee!  Noted the Essentials: 1. Temperature, 2. Water Quality, 3. Grind and 4. Freshness!  How to French Press and Pour Over…

They serve their amazing waffle brekky’s the first Saturday of every month. If you’re looking to try someplace new especially on a Saturday morning definitely check them out!  It’s so worth the trip.  Don’t forget their delicious french press coffee!  You can’t go wrong with fresh coffee and waffles, both combinations are delightful!

Mae James Coffee

Waffles with Burdick Stout Syrup and Beer Butter,
Spiced Poached Apples with Toasted Almond Crean and Black Pepper Bacon


© 2014


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