IFBC 2015 Chef’n Excursion…Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Another exciting year for IFBC held here in Seattle for the 3rd year in a row. It’s always amazing to see so many wonderful bloggers in one location, seeing this for the first time is overwhelming but welcomed. That being said this is my 2nd year attending. Let’s get this party started!

Friday afternoon started with a pre-conference excursion to Chef’N and we met the Founder David Holcomb and his wonderful team. I was in awe to be in a space where ideas are tested and perfected then come to life. I truly wanted to stay a little longer to take in everything and see all the amazing kitchen tools that myself as a home cook would love to use. LOL! I’m like a kid a candy store and get super excited.

Mr. Holcomb shared his wonderful story of how the name Chef’n came to be and how his business has flourished into what it is today. The business continues to grow and keeps getting better. He demonstrated a few of the kitchen tools, which was awesome in my opinion.

That afternoon we enjoyed a light yet delicious lunch and left with a gift bag, inside was a LooseLeaf, GarlicZoom, Stem Gem, Rabbit-Push Muddler and a Starbucks gift card.

Chef’n has so many useful and creative kitchen tools to choose from and they are based here in Seattle…what better way than to support your local business. I own the LooseLeaf and PalmPeeler and LOVE them both!  I’ll be adding a bunch of items to my Christmas list this year that is for darn sure. 🙂

A BIG THANK you to the IFBC team for coordinating all the wonderful excursions and to David Holcomb and his team for having us.

Disclosure: In exchange for a reduced registration rate to attend IFBC 2015 in Seattle, I agreed to write three blog posts of my choosing regarding the conference. This is one of three. All photographs and opinions are my own.


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