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Me Myself and I#Eat – There is adventure in food…ENJOY IT!
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Hafa Adai! (hello in Chamorro – pronounced chä-môr r)…

I’m an island girl born and raised on Guam by my loving parents. Where is Guam you ask?  Guam is located in the Western Pacific Ocean and is one of the largest islands in Micronesia, 13 degrees north latitude and 144 degrees east longitude and is approximately 30 miles long and 4 to 9 miles wide.  If you would like to know more about Guam please check out this site History & Culture.

Living life in the Pacific Northwest and slowly working my way through Seattle’s food scene and hopefully other cities in the future.  I’m no chef I just enjoy sharing my Love for Food and Food Photography, I’ll share food photos of the restaurants I’ve visited with family and friends, a homemade meal and occasionally post recipes.  Oh and once in awhile I’ll share a photo of our Koa boy (chocolate labrador) a big goof ball who loves to fetch, roll in the snow, swim, eat and sleep.

I would really LOVE to hear from you, please hit me up via email at hashtageat@gmail.com or taniarceo@gmail.com if you have any recommendations for me or just want to say hi. 🙂  Follow me and check out my food adventures on Instagram @ohsnaps #hashtageat #seattlefoodiekrew #seattleeats

Thanks for stopping by!

Here are a couple of photos from the beautiful island of Guam I call home.

Sunset in East Hagatna, Guam Hagatna Boat Basin, Guam









2 thoughts on “About Me…

    • Thank you! 🙂 I was gone for 3+ years and returned December 2012 now I’m never leaving. LOL! Seattle is a beautiful place with so many great places to eat. Sounds like it’s time for a visit? 🙂

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